Organic Pre-Rolled Cones

Natural Mystic Is a leading Pre Rolled Cones company manufacturing & distributing cones to brands across the globe.
We have developed exceptional Pre Rolled Cones using slow burning European ORGANIC Rolling paper to match the highest quality flower on the market.

pre-rolled cones in box
pre rolled joints cross section

Our Cone Designers took a structured approach to understanding the persisting issues customers and brands were having with existing cones on the market.

By doing this, it allowed our team to develop better quality cones:

Sturdy Design To Fit Loading Machines

No Collapsing Of Cones

0% Fall Through Rate From The Filters

Firm Filter Tips

A Smooth Smoke Flow

Why Choose Natural Mystic

Quality Paper

Amazing slow burn organic rolling paper with watermarks to prevent runs or uneven burning.

Better Taste

Clean organic paper, allowing you to enjoy the true experience of your blend, a more natural flavor.

Filter Cuts

Multi-cut filters with Zig Zag shaped ends for minimal product fall through during loading.

Strong Filters

Our filters are sturdy when loading and hold its structure for the entire burn all the way till the end.

Superior Glue

We only use single gumline glue which is guaranteed to not unravel (Food grade glue).

We have a 100% GUARANTEE to our clients for the Authenticity of our cones and assurance from our lab testing team that our cones fit every loading machine on the market.

Our Natural Mystic Retail Cone Brand has been the leading ORGANIC pre rolled cone on the market. We offer 100% Organic Hemp Cones & All Natural Hemp Cones, gaining consumer trust for “The Best Hemp Cones” & “The Best Hemp Pre Rolled Cones”. We also supply online selling platforms, subscription boxes and smoke shops with our brand “Natural Mystic”.

5 gold stars

These cones are AMAZING, I’m in love!! – Verified Purchase

“I cannot express how much I LOVE these cones! Awesome packaging and the cones burn even every time, I haven’t had a cone that has canoed or burned uneven. Another reason why I love these cones is because the packaging is 100% recyclable material. You can tell that Natural Mystic is focused on being environmentally friendly.”

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We supply brands with plain non-printed filter tips in our standard size boxes:
Brown Unbleached Cones & White Bleached Cones

84mm Length

84mm pre rolled cone illustration of measurements and features

900 Bulk Box

2 Paper Options Available

Opening Width: 10.8mm

Filter Width: 5.2mm

Total Length: 84mm

Filter Length: 26mm

Filter Style: Zig Zag “W”

98mm Length

98mm pre rolled cone illustration of measurements and features

1,152 Bulk Box

2 Paper Options Available

Opening Width: 9.4mm

Filter Width: 5.3mm

Total Length: 98mm

Filter Length: 26mm

Filter Style: Spiral

109mm Length

109mm pre rolled cone illustration of measurements and features

800 Bulk Box

2 Paper Options Available

Opening Width: 12.5mm

Filter Width: 5.5mm

Total Length: 109mm

Filter Length: 26mm

Filter Style: Zig Zag “W”

Brands trust us to ensure high-quality cones for their Pre Rolls.

We meet all standards for the US, Canada, UK & European Industries

We meet all standards for the US, Canada, UK & European Industries.
We focus on 4 core areas for us to execute The Best Hemp Cones & & Dutch Wood Pulp Cones (Brown
& White) for consumers:

Rolling Paper – European made with organic raw hemp fibers to prevent runs.

Filter Tips – Made with sturdy filter tip paper, meeting US, Canadian & UK Regulations.

Gumline – Strong single gumline to ensure no unraveling when filling.

The Traditional Hand Rolling Process – Skilled artesian rollers for every single cone

5 gold stars

The Best Organic Pre Rolled Cones Ever! – Verified Purchase

“I’ve been a smoker for 40yrs and I have tried many different brands in the past. I found Natural Mystic papers on Amazon and OMG these are fabulous cones made with SLOW BURN Paper. They are a FAMILY RUN BUSINESS, their mission to help underprivileged kids and women is awesome. I don’t know about you, but that feels really good to me to support an authentic Pre Rolled Cone Company that cares about people in the industry!”

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