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Are Hemp Wicks Good For Candles?

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Are Hemp Wicks Good For Candles?

Yes absolutely! End of article 😛

Ok let’s explain a little more on why hemp wicks are good for candles.

Firstly…What are they?

Hemp wicks are very simple, they are hemp fibers made into a twine which is then coated in beeswax.

If you want to know more about what is a hemp wick just read our dedicated article to get up to speed.

Advantages of Hemp Wicks

The reasons why hemp wicks are good for homemade candles is numerous so let’s touch on some of them below: 

More Natural

Made from 100% organic hemp fibers means they are the natural alternative to traditional cotton wicks. Hemp fibers are very dry so emit little smoke.

Smooth Burn

Hemp burns very easily so the beeswax is applied to slow down the burn, inturn it results in a consistent burn at a very reliable pace.  

Pleasant Scent

Because there is nothing unnatural here, just the hemp and beeswax and then your candle wax there are very little conflicting smells. The hemp does not smell like marijuana but instead just has a natural smell which is dominated by the pleasant smell of the natural beeswax.


Hemp was traditionally used for the rope of all the rigging on the old ships of explorers and powerful navys due to its high strength to weight ratio. Although in a simple candle you don’t need much strength from a wick it does mean it will not break or snap rendering the candle useless. 

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Due to the high strength the twine is quite thin making it very maluable and easy to work with. The beeswax on it means it keeps whatever shape you set it to, this is great when making your candles as the wick will stay set exactly where you want it to be.


Having the wax coating over the wick means it is completely waterproof and ready to be lit directly after being submerged. This is why campers love it in their kit. If backcountry campers have no trouble lighting them in rain and snow you can imagine how easy they are to start in your own home.


We sell our hemp wick in packs of 3 with each having 20ft of wick, that is a lot of candles! So it is a very lowcost option to get a top quality wick with so many benefits. 


With one order from us you will have 60ft of hemp wick at your disposable. Probably more than enough for years and years of candles but luckily it is versatile to use for many different things. One popular reason is when you need to light multiple candles. Instead of using a lighter and burning your thumb/using all that butune you can use the slow burning wick to easily get all your candles going. 

Two candle jars with wick tied around them on a wooden table.
A nice touch is to use the hemp wick decoratively so if selling or gifting the candles they can use this extra wick as a way to light their candles easily.

Want To Try It Out?

If you want to buy hemp wick online we sell through Amazon so you will get it delivered right to your door.

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