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Blunts vs Joints Pros and Cons

Comparison of pros and cons between blunts and joints.

Blunts vs Joints Pros and Cons

The blunts vs joints pros and cons debate has been going on since the cannabis industry first saw both of these forms of smoking weed. And if you’re like most people then it’s almost a given that you have a preferred method to use. But it might be time to ask yourself what that opinion’s based on. Most people have an opinion. And, likewise, most people tend to go with the option they’re most familiar with. But is your favorite really the best? Read on to find out once and for all whether there’s a solid answer to be found in the age-old debate between blunts and joints.

What Are They?

It’s important to define blunts and joints before making any direct comparisons between them. The two terms have strictly defined meanings. But whether or not someone is using the term correctly is always up in the air.

So what exactly is a joint? There’s an old slang term for them – “jazz cigarette”. The term’s quaint hokiness has become something of an in-joke over time. But there’s a lot of truth to the phrase. A joint is essentially a cigarette filled with ground-up marijuana bud. 

A joint can technically come in any size. But they’re typically about the size of a standard cigarette. However, both size and material used for wrapping can vary tremendously on a case-by-case basis. And when you find yourself without any real rolling papers ingenuity can lead to some truly ingenious rolling paper alternatives.

In contrast, a blunt is roughly about the size of a cigar. And blunts also look like cigars. In fact, there’s a good reason for the similarity. Blunts were originally made by emptying out cigars and replacing tobacco with marijuana. Today’s blunts are usually just made from larger wraps instead of laboriously emptying out cigars by hand. But the size and benefits of a modern blunt are fairly similar to what you’d find from the older styles.

In short, the difference between a joint and a blunt is a combination of rolling material and size. Blunts are larger and will often contain tobacco. While joints are smaller and typically rolled with thin paper.


blunt being smoked
Blunts are recognizable by their brown wrap and the fact that they are generally larger than a typical joint.

The biggest benefit of blunts is obvious from a side-by-side comparison. Blunts are far larger than joints. The average blunt has about as much marijuana inside it as you’d find in five joints. And the tradition of using tobacco products with a blunt has continued on into the modern era. This practice can provide an extra kick. Though this is also a downside for people who might want to avoid smoking tobacco products. Thankfully, while tobacco is the norm for blunts, there are also some rolling options and pre rolled cones that don’t contain any nicotine.

The fact that blunts have more marijuana in them than joints might imply a stronger high. After all, it seems self-evident that five times the cannabis would equal five times the effect. But you’ll typically find that it’s the exact opposite.

Blunts burn slower, which also means that you’re taking in the THC at a more relaxed pace.

The combination of slow burn and more material also makes blunts a good match for larger gatherings where it can be passed around. But the nature of a blunt’s smoke can also be a problem. Blunts containing tobacco can produce a sharper kick and a “tobacco buzz”. But it also raises a lot of the same issues as smoking cigarettes. The tobacco even results in a higher probability of developing nicotine dependence than you’ll see in people who prefer joints. And it might be enough to push someone who just enjoys an occasional cigarette into full addiction.

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  • The slower burn makes it easy to share with friends.
  • Blunts with tobacco can give a nice kick and “tobacco buzz”.
  • The slower burn gives a smoother experience.
  • Keeps THC plasma levels lower than joints.


  • Much more expensive than joints.
  • Harder to roll.
  • The taste of your bud will be changed by the tobacco leaf.
  • Wraps and papers are often made with tobacco and contain nicotine.
  • The nicotine in blunts can increase chances of nicotine dependence.
  • Produces higher carbon monoxide levels, which can result in rapid heartbeats for everyone but especially women.
  • The tobacco in traditionally wrapped blunts creates the same risks as cigarettes.


joint being smoked
Joints use cigarette papers which are thin and allow you to see the ground up flower inside.

Joints are marked by ease of use. The compact nature of joints means that you can easily carry them around with you. And the fact that they have less marijuana in them also translates to a lower price. Especially since you get higher THC levels from smoking joints than you do with blunts.

The lack of tobacco is also a big plus for many people as it removes the associated risks from nicotine and all negative effects of tobacco. But there’s also a big advantage in terms of taste and smell. Joints use thin, usually neutral-tasting, rolling paper.

Because of that fact you’re able to take in the full, unadulterated, taste and smell of your cannabis.

But like blunts many of the pros of joints also tie into their cons. For example, the smaller form factor of a joint is fantastic when you want to just run out the door and bring one to enjoy later on. But a joint’s smaller size and quicker burn also mean that you’re going to finish it up faster than a blunt.

There’s also the issue of smell. Cannabis connoisseurs love the smell of the cannabis flower. But you don’t always want to announce it to the world. And the quick burn and unadulterated smell of a joint make it a lot more obvious than a blunt. Especially since the blunt often mixes the smell of tobacco together with the cannabis.


  • Easier to roll than blunts.
  • Easier to smoke since they require shorter puffs.
  • Smaller and easier to carry around with you.
  • More cost effective.
  • Maintains the cannabis flavor and aroma.
  • Healthier for your lungs since joint rolling paper is thin and typically made of hemp, flax or rice.


  • Burn quicker than blunts.
  • The fast burn produces a more noticeable smell.
  • Some joint rolling paper is still harsh on your lungs.
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Breaking Down the Facts To Make a Decision

At this point, it’s clear that there’s a lot to love about both of these options. Likewise, blunts and joints both have some disadvantages that many people will want to avoid. In the end, the various blunts vs joints pros and cons highlight an important point. Both offer some great experiences, but they excel in different areas.

The choice is ultimately about picking the right tool for the right job.

girl with smoke coming out of her mouth
It all comes down to personal preference for the particular situation, so try both and see which suits your best.

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