Yes absolutely! End of article 😛 Ok let’s explain a little more on why hemp wicks are good for candles. Firstly…What are they? Hemp wicks are very simple, they are hemp fibers made into a twine which is then coated in beeswax. If you want to know more about what is a hemp … Read more

If you have read about what a hemp wick is and why people choose them as their preferred method of lighting. The benefits of hemp wick are numerous and we have covered them in other articles. But what about the direct question of “is hemp wick better than a lighter?” Let’s look to answer this now. Hemp … Read more

Hemp wicks are growing in popularity because of their many benefits, not only for smoking but also for other practical uses. Before we get into all the advantages of using a hemp wick, let’s quickly cover what they are exactly. Firstly, What Is It Anyway? A hemp wick is a twine made from … Read more

What Is A Hemp Wick? Most smokers have had this question when they first heard the term. The name makes sense (a wick made of hemp) but it doesn’t give away any info on what it actually does, nor the benefits of it. Let’s answer all that now. Hemp wicks are an alternative … Read more