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DIY Smell Proof Container Ideas

A woman's hands holding a smell-proof container of marijuana.

DIY Smell Proof Container Ideas

As you build a respectable cannabis stash, you might wonder what kind of container is best to keep it in to contain its fragrance and keep it fresh. You may even want to go beyond keeping it in a simple wooden box where moisture and air can seep in and get to it.

Your solution could be as simple as something you already have on hand in your kitchen or bathroom. These DIY smell smell proof container ideas can keep your stash fresh and prevent it from giving away what exactly you have stored there.

DIY Smell Proof Containers You May Already at Home

Some of the best smell proof containers to use for your weed stash can actually be found right in your kitchen or bathroom. Of course, you can always buy scent-containing containers online which are purpose made and even have some extra features such as a built-in combination lock. Still, when you want to minimize the chances of you having to rehydrate your weed or worry about it making your stash location smell, you can try these container ideas instead.

Airtight Glass Jars:

woman standing behind glass jars filled with marijuana
The closing mechanism on these jars creates a very airtight seal which is why they are used for pickling food for months/years at a time.

Airtight glass jars are handy smell proof containers with which to contain your stash. They are designed specifically to contain food, beverages and other substances and protect their contents from threats that can cause rot and leaking.

Their lids are also ideally designed for containing scents inside of the jars. You can find airtight glass jars in a variety of sizes, most commonly quart or gallon.

They are easy to handle, durable and can offer you the perfect way to store and protect your stash. The downside is that being large, everytime you go in and out of them you are exposing a lot of your cannabis to fresh air each time.

Plastic Food Containers:

plastic container with cannabis in it
Probably the easiest option as almost everyone has some plastic containers at home, these do a pretty good job at containing any smells

Plastic food containers are another viable smell proof container option. They are conveniently shaped and come with matching lids that snap tightly into place to create an airtight seal and protect their contents.

Plastic food containers are also easy to put into your backpack, purse or other carrying case and take along with you since they are lightweight and durable. You have the reasonable assurance that your stash will not spill out all over and leave you a mess to clean up.

Still, these containers are less effective than other containers, such as glass jars, in containing the fragrance from weed. You also need to make sure these containers are perfectly dry if you want to prevent moisture from causing your stash to rot and mold.

Vacuum Sealable Bags:

weed inside a vacuum sealed bag next to a grinder
Vacuum sealed bags are great option as it suits all sizes of your stash but has the negative of once opened needs to be resealed again.

Vacuum sealable bags are another smell proof container idea to consider. You can get these bags in a variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the ones that fit the size of your stash. You can also move your stash easily from bag to bag as it grows or diminishes in size.

You must make sure all of the air is out of the bags, however, to prevent scents from coming from them. These bags can also puncture easily and once opened need to be resealed with a vacuum sealer to be effective again.

Pill Bottles:

Pill bottle filled with cannabis
Used pill bottles create an airtight seal and are also easy to carry around when you are out and about

Prescription pill bottles, as well as pill bottles used to hold over-the-counter medications like aspirin, can also be a great smell proof storage solution. They effectively prevent scents from inside the bottles from escaping the lids.

Their lids are also child-proof, ensuring no little ones can pop them off and get into your stash. They are also small in size and easy to carry around enough for your immediate needs. However, their small size might not suit you if you need something larger and more long term.

How to Help Cover the Smell

Keeping the smell from escaping is one part of the equation but you can also effectively contain your cannabis by knowing how to cover up the smell coming from it. Just like how you can find airtight containers for it in your kitchen or bathroom, so can you find products around your home that can help cover the smell better or even neutralize it all together.


Charcoal (carbon) is a natural odor absorbent and can be useful in covering the smell of your cannabis. You can tie some up in a fabric napkin or nylon bag and place it in your container. It can effectively conceal the smell without taking away from the freshness or quality of the herbs you have stored within the container.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda is another well-known substance that is used extensively for getting rid of odors. Not only can you use it in your fridge or freezer to get rid of food smells. You can also use it to conceal any trace of fragrance coming from your storage container.

Simply place a box of baking soda in the same place where you put your stash container. Change out the box every few weeks to ensure the baking soda is fresh and capable of covering the smell.

Coffee Beans:

Coffee beans can likewise be used to cover the smell of your stash. In fact, perfume sales people use coffee beans to help people compare the scents of perfumes and avoid having their senses of smell overwhelmed or saturated.

You can place some coffee beans in a nylon bag or stocking and place it in your storage container. It can go a long way in containing the smell of your cannabis and making it difficult to detect if or where you have weed stored in your home.

Tea Leaves:

Like coffee, tea leaves are an effective way to cover up the smell of your stash. You can place tea leaves in your container along with your weed and make your container even more smell-proof.

Further, tea leaves bring a fresh and pleasant smell to the area where you have your cannabis stored. Change out the leaves every few weeks for the best results.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a great resource for covering up the smell of your stash. You can diffuse your favorite oils in your home and in the area where you have your stash container. You also have a variety of choices of essential oils, letting you experiment and find the ones that work the best.

Are Airtight Containers Smell Proof?

The evidence points to the fact that airtight containers are smell proof and therefore a resourceful option for containing and fragrance-proofing your stash.

Their very design keeps in the scents of their contents and prevents odors from escaping them. Even though weed loses its smell over time, you can put even the most potent of weed in them and avoid the fear of the smell of it getting out and being noticeable in your home or anywhere else you take the containers.

Even more, airtight containers work better when you put some sort of odor-eliminating products in them. Whether those products be charcoal, baking soda or coffee beans, they can work in conjunction with the design of the airtight containers and effectively seal in the fragrance of your stash, ensuring the scents from it stay in the container and avoid escaping into the air in your home or elsewhere.

These DIY smell proof container options allow you to store your stash and prevent scents from escaping and being noticeable. They are readily handy in most kitchens or bathrooms and provide you with an easy and low cost way to store your weed. They can work even better when you use odor-eliminating products like baking soda with them.

jars full of cannabis stacked on top of each other
A jar may seem like a good idea but these are not airtight sealed. When you first open a jar you hear a ‘pop’, that is the vacuum seal being broken.
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