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Is Hemp Wick Better Than a Lighter?

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Is Hemp Wick Better Than a Lighter?

If you have read about what a hemp wick is and why people choose them as their preferred method of lighting. The benefits of hemp wick are numerous and we have covered them in other articles. But what about the direct question of “is hemp wick better than a lighter?” Let’s look to answer this now.

Hemp Wick vs Lighter

Butane lighters are super popular because of their availability and cheap price. But they contain butane gas and use flint to ignite that fuel. Very small quantities of flint dust can be inhaled or accumulated in your bowl when smoking.

Butane is a toxic gas and in large quantities causes health issues. The negative effects of butane are long and we won’t list them all here to scare you but just know that none of them are good! You can learn more about butane here if you want more info.

What’s Actually in the Gas?

The answer is ‘who knows?!’. The fuel used in lighters is not regulated. Companies making them can easily substitute the butane for cheaper and possibly more harmful combustible chemicals as a way to make more profits. For the average consumer there is no proper way to know what exactly is burning when you flick the lighter on.

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Unnaturally Hot Burn

You will have noticed that butane lighters have a blue flame, this means the fuel is burning at a hotter temperature than what occurs when burning something natural. This higher temp actually affects the burn of the weed itself. At this hotter temperature, you pose the risk of destroying the cannabinoids and terpenes of the herb which affects the flavors you will experience.

However, when using a hemp wick you are not releasing any of those poisonous fumes, so there is no way to be inhaling them. When a hemp wick is burning it is just hemp fibers and a layer of beeswax, nothing more. No chemicals, additives or impurities, just all organic materials which means fewer carbon emissions.

Untainted Flavor

Most smokers don’t just like the high, they like the whole experience of having a smoke and a key factor in that enjoyment is the taste. Even without testing it yourself it is easy to understand how using a gas on the flower affects the taste of the smoke compared to using 100% organic ingredients i.e hemp twine and beeswax. Smokers report a more flavorful taste when using a hemp wick where they can get a truer sense of the flower’s qualities.

The More Economical Option 

The price point and ease of use of organic hemp wick makes them an easy choice for those wanting a more enjoyable smoking experience and not tainting their weed with any harmful chemicals. They are the natural alternative to traditional lighters. The burn rate of hemp coated in beeswax is a lower temperature than butane meaning a slow burn and you use only a small portion of hemp wick per smoking session which means it lasts a long time. Using fewer gas and plastic lighters is much better for the environment just as much as it is for you.

The Verdict?

We wholeheartedly believe that yes, a hemp wick is better than a lighter.

If you want to try out some for yourself you can easily buy hemp wick online and experience the healthier option firsthand.

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