Wholesale &
Custom Made Cones

Natural Mystic is recognized as a global leader for pre rolled cones. We have grown from strength to strength with a reputable presence for wholesale supply of Pre Roll cones, partnering with Small, Medium & Large Scale Brands. These brands trust us to provide High Quality Pre Rolled Cones to compliment their amazing quality.

Our extensive knowledge in the industry has allowed us to become a global leader for Pre Rolled Cones. Executing supply requirements coast to coast across the US & Canada with excellent logistical support for on time delivery to your facility.

Our cones are designed to fit every loading machine in the world:

The Knockbox

Patented Designed Filling Machines

Hand Held Cone Loading Devices

Single Cone Consumer Cone Loaders

slow burning Pre-Rolled Cones

Organic Hemp Rolling Paper

Wood Pulp Paper

Firm Sturdy Filters

Smooth Smoke Flow

Wholesale Cone Paper Options

The phenomenal strains of flower grown by brands require different types of paper to match the burn rates. At Natural Mystic we will work with you to develop Pre Rolled Cones with paper quality and filters that matches your flower quality:





To Purchase 5 Boxes or Less (2 Day Delivery – GUARANTEED): 

For customers wanting to purchase 5 boxes or less we have made this process significantly easier to immediately purchase the Item on Amazon and you will automatically get 2 Day Prime Shipping for your order. Click the buy Button Below Each Size you need:   

109mm/26mm Brown


98mm/26mm Brown

1,152 CONES

84mm/26mm Brown


109mm/26mm White


98mm/26mm White

1,152 CONES

84mm/26mm White


Custom Cones Designed Cones

At Natural Mystic we respect that brands may want use their own logos on their pre rolls. We will assist you in designing a filter tip with your brand name or logo. 

By giving our clients this option it allows them to build their brand awareness within their communities for further exposure with custom logo designs on your pre roll filter tips. Our Design Team will work with you to design and build your custom printed tips with your logos. Simply contact us and let’s chat.