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Are Hemp Wraps Healthier Than Papers?

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Are Hemp Wraps Healthier Than Papers?

In today’s evolving world of smoking preferences and health consciousness, many are seeking alternatives to traditional products. One such alternative, gaining prominence, is the hemp wrap.

What is a hemp wrap? They are a natural alternative to traditional rolling papers used for smoking. Made from the hemp plant, these wraps do not contain any tobacco or nicotine, making them a popular choice among those seeking a more natural smoking experience. They typically have a thicker texture than regular rolling papers and offer a distinct taste due to the natural compounds found in hemp.

Difference Between Hemp Wraps and Rolling Papers

Hemp wraps and rolling papers serve the same primary function: they’re used to roll and smoke herbal blends. However, they have distinct differences:


Hemp wraps are crafted exclusively from the hemp plant, whereas rolling papers can be made from various materials, including rice, wood pulp, and flax.


Hemp wraps tend to be thicker, which can influence the burn rate and the smoking experience.


Many users report that hemp wraps offer a distinct, often smoother flavor compared to traditional papers, which can sometimes be almost flavorless or have a slight chemical taste, depending on the brand and material.

Tobacco and Nicotine Content

Genuine hemp wraps do not contain tobacco or nicotine, whereas some rolling products, like “blunt wraps,” might.

Advantages of Using Hemp Wraps

  • Natural Composition: Hemp wraps are often lauded for their natural composition. Made from the hemp plant, they typically lack the additives and chemicals that can sometimes be found in many traditional rolling papers. This means users are inhaling fewer chemicals when they choose hemp wraps.
  • Slower Burn: Many smokers prefer hemp wraps because of their slower burn compared to most rolling papers. The thick consistency and natural fibers of hemp allow for a prolonged smoking experience, which can be more enjoyable for some.
  • Flavor Enhancement: Hemp wraps can introduce a mild, pleasant taste, complementing the flavor of the herbs being smoked. This contrasts with some rolling papers that might have a neutral or slightly chemical taste, depending on their composition and any additives used.
  • No Nicotine: Unlike tobacco wraps or blunts, hemp wraps are nicotine-free, making them a preferred choice for those looking to avoid the addictive properties of nicotine.
  • Moisture Retention: Hemp wraps tend to retain moisture better than many papers, which can help in preventing the wrap from becoming too dry and brittle. This moisture retention aids in rolling and provides a smoother smoking experience.
  • Eco-Friendly: Hemp is a highly sustainable plant, requiring less water and fewer pesticides to grow than many other crops. Using hemp wraps can be seen as an environmentally-friendly choice, particularly when compared to products made from less sustainable resources.
  • Fewer Additives: While it’s true that not all rolling papers have additives, some do contain chemicals to influence the burn rate, flavor, or color of the paper. With hemp wraps, especially those from reputable brands, users often find fewer additives and a more natural smoking experience.
  • Thicker Smoke: Due to their composition, hemp wraps often produce a thicker, richer smoke compared to thin rolling papers. Some smokers prefer this fuller smoke, as it can intensify the experience.
  • Versatility: Hemp wraps come in various flavors and sizes, offering a versatile choice for smokers. Whether someone wants a natural, unflavored experience or something more exotic, there’s likely a hemp wrap to suit their preferences.
  • Reduced Risk of Accidental Consumption: Because hemp wraps are thicker and more robust than some ultra-thin rolling papers, there’s a reduced risk of accidentally tearing the wrap and consuming bits of it.
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Disadvantages of Using Hemp Wraps

  • Incomplete Combustion: Hemp wraps can sometimes burn less evenly than traditional rolling papers, leading to incomplete combustion. This could produce more tar and other harmful byproducts, which are not healthy for the respiratory system when inhaled.
  • Potential for Additives: While hemp is natural, not all hemp wraps are created purely. Some manufacturers may introduce additives, flavors, or other chemicals to enhance the smoking experience. These added elements might produce additional health risks when burned and inhaled.
  • Thickness: Hemp wraps are typically thicker than traditional rolling papers. This means that users are inhaling more of the wrap material with each puff. Over time, this could introduce more foreign substances into the lungs compared to the thinner papers.
  • Cost: On a per-wrap basis, hemp wraps can be more expensive than traditional papers. This could be a disadvantage for regular smokers on a tight budget.
  • Learning Curve: For those accustomed to rolling with traditional papers, there might be a learning curve associated with using hemp wraps due to their distinct texture and flexibility.
  • Taste Influence: Though some users appreciate the flavor profile of hemp wraps, others feel it can overpower or alter the taste of the herbs being smoked. Traditional papers, especially the ultra-thin varieties, tend to interfere less with the natural flavor.
  • Availability: In some regions, hemp wraps might not be as readily available as traditional rolling papers. This could limit accessibility for those who wish to consistently use hemp over paper.

Health Considerations

  • Fewer Chemicals: As hemp wraps are derived from a natural source and are typically unbleached, they might contain fewer chemicals than some rolling papers. However, this largely depends on the manufacturing process and the brand.
  • Tobacco and Nicotine-Free: For smokers looking to avoid tobacco and nicotine, hemp wraps offer an alternative. It’s crucial to note, however, that smoking any material leads to the inhalation of substances that can be harmful to health.
  • Combustion: Burning hemp wraps, like any organic material, produces tar and other potentially harmful compounds. While they might offer a tobacco-free experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re entirely risk-free.
  • Research Gap: There’s limited research specifically comparing the health effects of smoking with hemp wraps versus traditional papers. As with all smoking methods, users should be aware of potential risks.


Hemp wraps, with their myriad advantages, present an appealing option for those seeking a natural and potentially healthier alternative to traditional rolling papers. While they boast eco-friendliness, absence of nicotine, and a distinct flavor profile, it’s crucial to approach them with a balanced perspective.

The potential disadvantages underline the need for informed choices. As with any smoking medium, it remains essential for individuals to prioritize their well-being and stay abreast of the latest research findings.

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