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Thinking About Spraying Dry Buds With Water?

A person is spraying dry buds with water before storing them in a plastic container.

Thinking About Spraying Dry Buds With Water?

Are you wondering if spraying dry buds with water is a good idea?
Well it isn’t!

Why Shouldn’t I Spray Dry Buds With Water?

By spraying water on the flower it is just putting a layer of moisture on the outside of the bud and in the crevices. This water will not be ‘absorbed’ by the bud and instead it is the ideal environment for mold growth and promoting the bud to rot. You of course want neither mold nor rot on something you are going to smoke and put into your lungs.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

It is a bit of an elementary idea to think that if you have weed that is too dry that you just need to add water to ‘fix’ the problem. There is also the typical thought that ‘my friend’s brother’s stepdad’s mechanic’ says that if you spray your buds then they will have more THC. This is totally untrue and has probably resulted in plenty of bud being ruined due to a wives tale.

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How To Rehydrate Your Buds The Right Way

If you find yourself with overly dry cannabis there are a number of ways you can bring it back to its optimal moisture levels. We have a full article about how to rehydrate weed but a quick summary is that you will want to place you bud in an airtight container (we cover some container options below) and add to it one of the below:

  • Moist Bread
  • Lettuce
  • Fresh Weed
  • Damp Cotton Balls
  • Fruit Peels

How To Stop Your Weed Drying Out

guy removing cannabis buds from a jar with gloves and tweezers
To stop your bud from drying out it needs to be kept in an airtight container

Air is the main enemy for drying out your buds. You want to keep your bud stored in something that keeps the air out, you can actually find a DIY smell proof container around your home. A quick summary of those options are:

  • Airtight Glass Jar
  • Plastic Container
  • Vacuum Sealable Bags
  • Pill Bottles

Once you have your storage container sorted you want to keep it away from light and away from heat which can speed up the drying process even if it is in an airtight space.

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